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What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Heriz Rug For Your House's Living Room?

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Heriz Rug For Your House's Living Room?

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Heriz Rug For Your House's Living Room?

Oriental rugs are the excellent alternative instead of placing a wall to wall carpet in your living room. In the past, wall to wall carpets are very much favorite, but in modern homes, people prefer to put one or more area rugs to enhance the look of the room. Modern rugs look more stylish and exquisite in the house, especially in the living room.

The antique Heriz rugs look great and give a beautiful appeal to a room. When you are going to purchase a rug for your living room, there are some points and factors you should consider for the best purchase.

Size of the Rug:

The size of the rug is the leading factor to consider. Many people make the mistake of placing a rug in a very short size and it will not give the best look as they want. The standard size of area rug for a living room is 6' x 9', 7' x 10' and 9' x 12'. But if you have a large or long living room, you can add more than one rugs to define different areas and spaces in the room.

Pattern and Color of Rug:

The next factor about which you should think long and hard is the color and pattern of the rug. If you need to add color and interest in the room which has neutral walls or furniture, choosing a patterned mat is the best solution. On the other hand, if your room needs soothing effect, use a solid rug in a neutral color.

Moreover, for the high traffic areas and the home with kids, the patterned rug is best because it hides the dirt and spills. While choosing a carpet, keep in mind that the flooring has the massive impact on the entire appearance of a room. So, it's essential to pick something which suits the most, and you don't get tired of it quickly.

Texture of the Modern Rug:

Before making your purchase, think about what you required in your room. For instance, wool rugs are good to add warmth and softness to a room, while silk gives a soft and royal appeal. Furthermore, wool rugs resist stains and dirt, and they are easy to clean, while silk rugs are expensive and tough to clean.

Use More Than One Area Rug:

To add more interest and for a stylish look in your living room, it is good to use more than one area rugs in the large living rooms. This way not only enhance the interior of the room but also it's a nice way to define the space.

You can also try layering of rugs on carpet or other rugs. Layering rugs not only add color and pattern to the décor but also add coziness in the colder season.

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