Rug Care

A rug can stay with you in excellent condition for generations if you take care of it properly.

A comprehensive guideline is here about proper rug care:

Rotate the Rug:

Keep rotating your rug frequently so that all sides and areas of the rug will go through the same conditions and traffic.

Avoid Sunlight:

Direct exposure to sunlight will leave damaging effects on the rug and fade the color. To avoid the sunlight directly, use shutters, heavy curtains, and window shades.

Fix Deterioration Immediately:

If the rug is cut or torn, make sure to fix it as soon as possible. Because if a small cut or hole is not repaired, it will expand quickly. Remember that a skilled person can restore the large holes and damaged areas of the rug perfectly.

Use Good Quality Padding:

Padding can double the age of a rug and also provide comfort and prevent the moving of the rug. Especially in high traffic, areas place rugs with padding for the protection of rugs. The best padding is made of fiber and hair with a rubberized surface.

Appropriate Cleaning:

Regularly clean the rug with a brush to remove all dust and dirt. It will not only keep the beauty of the rug but also extend its life.

  • At least once a week, sweep the rug with a broom to remove dust and soil.
  • After one to two months, beat the rug from each side to eliminate all the dust.
  • Vacuum rug regularly will eradicate all dust and dirt particles. Avoid vacuuming on the fringes as it can tear them.
  • Every three to five years wash the rugs, use detergent according to the material and quality of the rug. The washing requirement depends on the amount of traffic and use of a rug.

Clean Spills Immediately:

If something dropped and spilled on the rug, clean it immediately with a soft sponge and liquid soap.

Moth Spray:

Moth can damage a rug quickly, keep the rug in an airy place, and frequently expose it to light and air to remove the moth effects. Moreover, use moth spray in six months on both sides of the rug.

Revive Crushed Pile:

The rug's pile is crushed because of heavy furniture brush it with a soft brush. Moisten with a spray bottle and brush again.

Storage Guideline:

If storage is a must for a rug, wrap it in a piece of fabric, never use plastic to wrap. Store it in dry, airy, and mild temperature area, as damp areas will mildew the rug and hot and low ventilated area will dry out the base of the rug and make it weak. Regularly inspect the rug, and you can roll the rug and store it in a chest with some Para Dichlorobenzene crystals to make it inedible for the moth.

Follow these instructions to double the life of the rug and keep its beauty and style for a long time.

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