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It is a Pakistani company based in Lahore the town of magic and spot of tourism. It started in 1989 when its owner was walking in the street and he encountered a unique piece of the handmade rug with a fascinating floral design which makes him be obsessed with handmade industry and decide to work in this field and his main goal was to expand and deliver the magical beauty of these handmade rugs all around the world. Now ALLRUGO is working efficiently and has become a great online store that the customer can get top quality handmade rugs and carpet in a wide variety like Modern Rugs, Serapi Rugs, Baluchi Rugs, Tribal Rugs, Bokhara Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Khoja Roshnai, Caucasian Rugs, Mashwani RugsVegetable Kilims, Runners and More.

At ALLRUGO, we ensure export quality handmade rugs and carpets are provided to every customer in all sizes and colors at the best price. We possess a huge variety of handmade rugs over 10,000 handmade rugs and carpets are being displayed in its huge showroom in Pakistan, where one can find different kilims, rugs of every size, length, and colors. ALLRUGO help you in making the right buying decision within customer requirements. Our products are specifically designed and are in hand knitted fabric which is according to the latest fashion trends, in order to make your home heaven and a source of admiration for others.

We deal with great countries Such as USA, Australia, European countries, Turkey, and Arabian countries as well and we gained a wonderful reputation from our customer all around the world. Because our main aim is to provide our customer top quality product with best prices and care about their needs and their relief. That's why we offer 24/7 customer service, user-friendly and no compromise on quality because we are always available and care for your satisfaction. We always care about service after selling  & here you will be in a safe place.

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