Carpets from A to Z


Akhche is Afghani hand-knotted rug, made with 100% natural wool. The primary color is dark red and basic motifs are guls and octagonal with wavy flowers in dark blue and beige.


Beautiful geometric handmade Azari rugs are best for modern home décor, blue, beige, brown are dominating colors and made with wool material. Repeated geometric patterns make them catchy and stylish.


A major art form of Bakhtiari tribe is the Bakhtiari rug. These antique Persian rugs are comprised of distinctive styles, vivid colors, and stylish designs, and demonstrated in their oversize. 


Balisht is a small hand-knotted tribal Baluchi rug. Bold colors are available especially in the combination of dark red and blue. Geometric repeated designs and excellent quality are the main features. 


Nomadic tribes living in Afghanistan made various small and medium Baluchi rugs. The prominent colors are red, brown, dark blue, and beige. Geometric designs and the highest quality wool materials are used in production.


Barjasta rugs weave by the Taimani people, these hand-knotted rugs are made by fine quality wool dyed with natural dyes. Deep red, blue, and brown colors and geometric patterns are their features. 


Bidjar rugs are very compact and strong rugs and that’s why extremely durable. These rugs are made with Turkish knots and available in red and blue with a touch of beige.


Bokhara rugs produced in countries including Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey and traded all over the world and highly famous because of their bold color combinations, geometric designs, and floral motifs in repeated style. 

Embroidery / Suzuni Kilim:

Afghan Suzuni hand-embroidered kilims are best for bedrooms and low traffic areas. A variety of needle-worked stitches in vivid patterns are used to decorate and give a charming feel. 


Cheerful and colorful variety Ersari rugs are best to give a charming vibe to any place. Dominating colors are deep red, brown, and yellow along with attractive designs and best quality wool. 


Gabbeh is traditional Persian rugs made with authentic wool. These are hand-woven long pile rugs in coarse quality, vivid and striking colors in the abstract designs give them an appealing feel. 


Heriz Persian rugs produced in the area of Heris, are known for their hardiness and durability due to its high wool quality. Suitable for hallways and living rooms, and have bold colors and unique patterns.


Brilliant quality Isfahan rugs made with soft kurk wool and a very tightly woven pile. The unique composition of patterns, designs, and materials make them among high-class rugs.


Finest wool on the cotton foundation technique used to make Joshagan rugs with the application of the asymmetrical Persian knot. Exceptionally durable, charming, and stylish carpets are made in this way. 


Kashan rugs comprise diamond-shaped medallion on the Shah Abbas field. Red, brown, green, and blue colors with stunning patterns and designs and best quality material used, make them stylish and famous. 


Handmade Kazak rugs are made by weavers of northern Afghanistan with a technique of handspun wool on upright looms. Good quality wool, appealing geometric patterns, and striking colors make them best floor coverings. 


Kerman carpets are handmade rugs from the city of Kerman. Made with authentic wool, repeated geometric patterns, and beautiful colors, especially blue, beige, gray, and red.  

Khal Mohammadi:

Khal Mohammadi rugs are very beautiful, strong, and stylish. Made with 100% pure wool and considered as sturdy and long-lasting. Excellence in quality, attractive colors, and designs make them famous. 

Kilim Dhurrie:

Thin flat-woven rugs used traditionally in South Asia as floor-coverings are called Kilim Dhurrie rugs. A vast variety of colors, patterns, stylish designs, and diversity of sizes available in these rugs.

Kilim Maimana:

Rhythmic geometric patterns, striking and rich colors, and harmonious designs are features of Kilim Maimana. These are flat woven Oriental rugs made entirely with wool in tapestry weave. 


Weavers of Pakistan and Afghanistan made Kohistani rugs in stylish designs, appealing colors, and beautiful patterns. These handmade excellent wool rugs are available in orange, dark blue, yellow, beige, and red colors. 


Hand-knotted finest quality Laghari kilims are well known because of their durability and beauty. Perfect for all areas of a home because of diversity in colors, sizes, patterns, and designs. 


Modern, trendy, and unique Loribaf rugs are perfect to go with any décor. Quality enrichment in weave density and pile structure, striking colors, beautiful patterns are major characteristics of these rugs. 


Maliki kilims originated from Afghanistan are a mixture of tradition and trendy touch. Striking colors, appealing designs, repeated patterns, and a variety of authentic quality Maliki kilims are available. 


Mashwani rugs have the symbols of traditional tribal patterns in beautiful colors like dark blue, pink, deep red, brown, and orange. These are flat weaved, excellent quality wool rugs. 


Nakhunak Persian rugs are existing in appealing colors and striking patterns. Best for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, and diversity of sizes, colors, styles, and designs are available in incredible quality. 


Afghani Oushak rugs are made with excellent quality wool, striking color combinations, beautiful geometric and floral designs, and repeated patterns. Best to place at home and workplace to enhance the entire appeal.  


Introduce a splash of color to any space with patchwork rugs. As the name depicts these are available in colorful patterns and designs and the most beautiful addition to bring charm to the room. 


For luxury and trendy home beautiful pictorial rugs work perfectly. Beautiful colors and striking patterns are used to make pictorial rugs and these are best to cover a floor or wall. 


Qashqai rug designs are motivated by the flowers, animals, and people of the weavers, which are then interlaced by recollection in an original geometric style, known for vivid colors and best quality.

Saddle Bag:

Best quality authentic wool Saddle bag rugs are perfect to give traditional touch. Geometric repeated designs and striking and bold colors are the main features and also available in various sizes. 


A spectacular variety of Saghari kilims in vivid colors, stylish designs, and best quality are perfect to bring an appealing vibe in any home. The diversity of sizes and styles is presented.


Sarouk rugs are woven in the vicinity of Sultanabad and are factory woven carpets. Geometric patterns, striking and bold colors, and excellent quality wool made them for all rooms of the home. 


Unique and stylish Serapi rugs with distinctive large motifs are made excellent quality material to give durability and long-lasting effects. Deep and warm colors are used in beautiful patterns. 


Shaggy rugs are mainly made with a deep pile of fabric that provides foamy comfy aesthetics and perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. These are available in various colors form light to dark.


The flat-woven rug technique made Soumak rugs to form the face and pattern of rugs. Best quality rugs in repeated geometric patterns and yellow, gold, beige, and ivory colors have a smooth surface.


Afghan weavers used hand-knotted technique and authentic quality wool to make Sufra kilims. These are best to give a classy feel because of bright colors and chic designs. 


Beautiful Persian Tabriz rugs are hand-knotted from the city of Tabriz. These stylish and sophisticated rugs are best to bring a chic and classy feel to any room. 

Vegetable Kilim:

Vegetable kilims are a perfect piece of style, art, and culture that are originated from Afghanistan. The flat-woven technique along with beautiful colors and best quality wool make them durable and stylish. 

War Rugs:

Afghani Baluch weavers made war rugs to show the stories of war and culture. Deep red, brown, and dark blue colors with repeated images of war weapons and helicopters are designed on them. 


Ziegler is the name of a particular pattern, design, and weave. These uniquely designed rugs are presented in bold colors and various sizes to bring elegance and exquisiteness to space. 


Authentic Afghan Zikini rugs are presented in geometric and floral designs in repeated patterns with bright and appealing colors. Best to add life to any room in the best quality and durability.