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What Is The Lifespan Of Vegetable Kilims?

What Is The Lifespan Of Vegetable Kilims?

What Is The Lifespan Of Vegetable Kilims?

Handmade vegetable kilims are one of the best Persian carpets which are available of good quality. These rugs can last for a long time, highly durable and versatile to use. The lifespan of a carpet is not a cut and dry number. With proper care and right carpet maintenance, one can increase the value and lifespan of the kilim runner.

Factors that Affect the Carpet Lifespan:

There are numerous factors which can affect the durability of a carpet. These factors are:

  • Where you place the rug?
  • How much foot traffic rug is facing?
  • The home has kids and pets are not.
  • Sunlight exposure of the carpet.

The handmade Persian rugs are excellent in quality, and if you find the authentic carpet for your home, it may be expensive, but it will stay with you throughout the life in excellent condition. If you care for your rug efficiently, you can keep it with you for many years, and it will also move from one generation to other.

Proper Rug Maintenance:

The proper carpet care and maintenance can change everything. You can add many years to the average lifespan of your Vegetable kilims by handling it in a right way.


Proper vacuuming and cleaning are the essential things to keep your carpet in good condition for a long time. For the high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways, daily vacuuming of carpet is necessary, while the low traffic areas carpet need to vacuum every 2 to 3 days.

Treat the Stains Quickly:

If some liquid like juice, tea, or any other thing spilled on the carpet, be fast to treat the stain. If the stain sits longer, it is harder to clean it. Always blot up the spills and stain with a clean white towel and never rub the carpet to remove the stain.

Remember that the life of your rug or carpet can last as long as you want or as long or little as you treat your kilim runner. If you treat your carpet carefully and keep it clean, it will be there for a longer time and gives your room a great look.

When you are purchasing a carpet or rug for your living space, never compromise on the quality. The top quality rugs are expensive, but they will give excellent décor to your room, and they will also last for a longer time.

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