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What Are The Different Types Of Rugs And Pictorial Rugs?

What Are The Different Types Of Rugs And Pictorial Rugs?

What Are The Different Types Of Rugs And Pictorial Rugs?

Rugs and carpets have their own significance in the interior décor. The popularity of floor covering increasing very high and there is no home which doesn't have any carpet. There are different types of rugs available in today's market, and you can easily find the one according to your choice and interest. Pictorial rugs are very famous; they have a story to tell. These are mostly about the wars, stories of kings and queens and much more.

Beautiful and charming rugs are the best element for any room to enhance the look and overall appearance of your living space. These are not only used for decorative purposes, but also provide protection to the floor and give the comfort and ease underneath the foot. Home decorators like to place large rugs in a room, to provide a gorgeous look.

When you are going to a home décor store to purchase a rug for your home. It's important to know different types of rugs to choose the best one for your home. Now, let's take a look at various types and kinds of interior design rugs available online and in stores.

Woven or Handmade Rugs:

The woven rugs or carpets are the best types of rugs in which yarns of different colors are used to make intricate patterns. The skilled weavers used specialized techniques to create these rugs. They are most expensive rugs in all types of carpets, because of the effort, time and energy put into making them. But these are long-lasting and durable ones, and with proper care, you can keep these rugs in good condition for the whole life.

Knotted Rugs:

Another type of rugs is knotted, and they are mostly hand-knotted rugs. These have structural weft threads alternating with a supplementary weft. These are also expensive ones, but worth the price because of their quality and durability.


Tufted carpets are the highly preferred type for domestic use. They come in a large variety of texture and designs. 

Flat Weave Carpets:

Another form of rugs is flat weave carpets, which are crafted by interlocking vertical and horizontal threads. These are cheap rugs and available in intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Hooked Rugs:

Another type of carpet is hooked rugs; these are usually created as handicraft. It is the simple and exciting form of rugs and made by pulling strips if cotton or wool.

Rugs and carpets are available in various colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes, depending upon the types of the rug. Always choose the right rug for your home, while considering your interests and requirement.

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