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The History of Handmade Rugs

The History of Handmade Rugs

The History of Handmade Rugs

Everyone loves a beautiful, stylish and comfortable living. The most significant part of interior décor that provides all needs of décor and comfort is the rug or carpet. A neat and tidy floor not only provides comfort to the feet but also reflects your personality. It's always suggested to place a rug to bring comfort with style in your living space.

Brief History:

Handmade rugs have been weaved and utilized for ages. No one has the exact knowledge of when and where the first rugs were produced. But it is believed that the first rug was made in the 16th century in Central Asia. The weavers who first created the rug wanted to make a thing to cover their floors and provide warmth during the winter season. In fact, the first rugs were produced for utilization purposes only. At that time, they used the rugs to cover their floors to provide warmth and get a place to sit and rest. Moreover, the rugs were hanged on the floors to protect from the frosting breeze.

The skilled weavers made the handmade rugs with natural materials like wool and cotton and these rugs were dyed with natural colors.

With time, different designs and colors were introduced in the rug industry and these items become the most essential part of any home for functional as well as decoration purposes. Now the rugs are highly in demand to give a chic and cozy feel to any area of the home. These are placed in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and drawing rooms, in fact, any place in a home.

Persian Handmade Rugs:

Among the handmade rugs, the most popular are Persian rugs. These rugs were produced in the historic region of Persia, Iran. The expert weavers did not use any machinery and made the rug with hand with natural and authentic material to create top quality handmade rugs. Persian handmade rugs have their own distinguished features and designs and these are excellent in quality and stay in good condition for ages.

Persian handmade rugs have been used by the kings of the Middle East and Asia in their palace to enhance the beauty throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Significant Features of Rugs:

Handmade rugs are the most popular and demanding nowadays to give elegance and grace to any area of a home. Some features of rugs that make them highly popular are given below:

  • Rugs are available in various colors and these vibrant colors bring happiness with them.
  • The addition of rugs makes you feel comfort and coziness.
  • Rugs not only enhance the entire appeal of your room but also protect the floor.
  • Rugs can be added in any room of a home to make a style statement.
  • Handmade rugs are available in various shapes, colors, styles, and designs.

Whatever the style you want to add in your home, must consider the addition of handmade rugs to make a style statement perfectly.

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