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Prayer Rugs: An Essential Part of Every Muslim Home

Prayer Rugs: An Essential Part of Every Muslim Home

Prayer Rugs: An Essential Part of Every Muslim Home

Prayer mats have been in use by the Muslims all over the world, and these are considered as a crucial part of a Muslim home. The prayer rugs are manufacturing in a large number, because of the abundant use of them. These rugs have specialized Islamic symbols and patterns on them and weave in a high-quality fabric. A Muslim prayer rug is used for the worship as a symbol of cleanliness.

Islamic Prayer Carpets:

The Islamic prayer carpets have powerful symbolic meaning and Muslims take care of them in a Holy manner. Because of the high demand and extensive use of these prayer rugs, these are made at significant amount in many countries. The handmade rugs of Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and central Asia are very famous because of their excellent quality, Islamic symbolic images and geometric patterns and natural dyes.

Patterns and Designs:

The patterns and designs on Muslim prayer rugs are usually geometrical, and these are woven in the rectangular configuration. The images of Islamic symbols, Muslim architecture, and Holy Building are mostly shown on them. The Holy designs and decorations not only play a role in imagery but also serve the worshipper as aids to memory.

Brilliant Colors:

The bright and charming colors of Islamic prayer rugs not only look beautiful but also enhance the Holy image. The typical colors used in these rugs are blue, red, brown, beige, white, etc. The designs and colors for the Muslim prayer rugs are taken from the Quran, Islamic Architecture, and Buildings.

Things to Consider While Buying a Prayer Rug:

No doubt, prayer rugs are an essential thing for every Muslim home. But when you are going to buy an Islamic prayer carpet, you need to consider some aspects for a right purchase, and making your worship time a relaxing time for you.

These rugs are in massive use, so make sure to have a high-quality rug. A good quality rug will be expensive, but it will last for a long time.

  • Always choose the color according to your usage, the light color rugs will get dirty immediately.
  • Choose the size of the rug wisely. The size must be according to the height and size of the worshipper so that you can pray easily.
  • Select the rug which is comfortable for you and you can pray in a relaxed manner.

The handmade rugs are not only good in look, but these are also comfortable, durable and available in excellent colors. You can find the best quality Muslim prayer rugs online, and also use them to give a gift to your loved ones.

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