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Pick Best Quality Rug and Bring Beauty to Your Room

Pick Best Quality Rug and Bring Beauty to Your Room

Pick Best Quality Rug and Bring Beauty to Your Room

For adding charm and style to any place, Persian handmade rugs are excellent. The design, color, pattern and all the features of these rugs are exotic and striking. Everyone wants to give unmatched beauty to their home, but the concern is the quality of the rug. Many people get afraid while buying these handmade rugs because they do not know the way to find the right quality rugs. It is recommended to buy the rug from a reliable and trustworthy dealer to avoid the stress in future.

Handmade rugs are expensive to buy, but if you get an authentic piece of rug, then it will stay with your lifetime. Some helpful tips and basics to buy a quality rug are given below to help you eliminate the stress of choosing and deciding the right rug:

Number of Knots per Square Inch:

The number of knots per square inch tells the quality of the rug. More the knots indicate the rug is more durable and strengthen. The type and origin of the knot also indicate the quality and value of rugs.

Material of Rug:

The material of the rug is another great factor to evaluate the quality of a carpet or rug. Handmade Persian rugs are made with cotton, wool, and silk. The best quality rugs have authentic fiber and are hand-knotted. Wool rugs along with cotton as the foundation are best in quality and durable. On the other hand, the silk rugs are suitable for the decorative purpose.

When going to purchase the rug, must keep in mind the place you want to place it. For high traffic areas, pick wool rugs, as they are more durable and withstand with wear and tear. Silk rugs are perfect for wall hanging and decorations.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The rug is used to provide comfort to the foot, but it also excellent to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. When you are going to buy a new rug or carpet, must choose the right size and striking design rug to bring beauty and style at any space.

Always pick the rug according to the room décor theme, the size of the space and the look you want to achieve in your room. These are the best floor coverings that not only give comfort to the foot, protect the floor, but also play a great role in the overall look of your room.