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Must Know Qualities of Authentic Handmade Kurk Rugs

Must Know Qualities of Authentic Handmade Kurk Rugs

Must Know Qualities of Authentic Handmade Kurk Rugs

Are you hunting for an original and authentic Persian rug? You need to have proper knowledge and understanding to distinguish between an original and unoriginal Persian Kurk rug. There are a lot of shops and online stores who are offering Persian and antique rugs, but you need an eagle eye to find the genuine thing for your home.

Things to Bear in Mind:

Kurk rugs are made of finest sheep wool and highly efficient to give a gorgeous look to any interior décor. While you are going to purchase a handmade home decoration rug for your home, to pick the genuine piece, you should consider various points and things. These things are numerous from knowing the history, origin, weaving pattern and technique, materials used and the design of the rug. For finding the best item for you, it's essential to have some basic knowledge.

Place of Origin:

The first and the most significant thing to know while buying an authentic handmade Kurk rug is the place of origin. The most famous and actual rug producers in Persian are four, Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman and Herat. You have to know the distinctive designs and originalities of the rugs of these origins.

  1. Herat Carpets:

The Herat carpets are characterized by their red fields, leafy palms, and scrolling vine ornaments, and available in light green to deep blue colors. These typical Herati patterns are created by the skilled and expert Herati craftsman.

  1. Kashan Rugs:

The rugs and carpet made in Kashan are known for the leafy to palmette border designs, classic medallion-like patterns and floral field decorations. These rugs are highly famous because of their purple and ruby red silk bindings.

  1. Tabriz Rugs:

Tabriz rugs are made by the skillful hands of the Tabrizi people, and these carpets display the designs from medallion, Herati, to figural, pictorial. The popular colors of these rugs are red, brown and green.

  1. Kerman Rugs:

The Persian rugs which are made in Kerman have the original and unique designs called Vase Technique. These Kerman rugs mostly have rich single color, primarily red, and these rugs are also noted because of their lightness in shades.

A person who wants to have an authentic Persian rug must be able to identify the right rug. You must be able to judge the originality by noting the texture, design, and patterns of the carpet. Every pattern and design of the carpet has its own uniqueness and it tells you about the origin and authenticity of the rug.

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