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Kilim, Kilim, Kilim! Adorn Any Space with Lovely Kilim Rugs

Kilim, Kilim, Kilim! Adorn Any Space with Lovely Kilim Rugs

Kilim, Kilim, Kilim! Adorn Any Space with Lovely Kilim Rugs

Do you want to give an adorable and fabulous look to your living space? Kilim rugs have been using for years to beautify and stylize a home with comfort. Turkish kilims are what that convert a dull looking interior into a stunning and attractive one. These kilims are beautiful, comfortable, durable, and cheap, so these characteristics make the best option for instant and effective floor covering.

Kilims are Worth Value to Invest In:

Kilims are not only beautiful and attractive because of their sharp patterns and bold colors, but these are also strong and durable. The skillful weavers make them in special techniques and pack the weft so tightly to avoid any possibility of structural weakness.

Patterns of Kilims:

Most of the kilim rugs come in geometric patterns because of the repetition and pack of weft and warp, and it gives an adorable appeal to them. But on the other hand, kilims are also available in flowery designs in beautiful colors.

Versatile Uses:

Kilims rugs are not used only as floor coverings to place any area of the home, but you can also hang them on walls, use as a throw on a couch or bed, and made curtains with them. Moreover, when used as floor coverings, you can lay them on carpet, tile, and hardwood to give a soft and stylish appeal.

Materials of Kilims:

Wool is the primary material used to make kilims, and sometimes it is combined with cotton. Silk animal hair and cotton are also used in the making of kilims and to give a different texture. Wool is preferred by most homeowners because it is durable and best in quality.

Some material used to give a different and soft feel and long-lasting quality to kilims are:

  • Wool- top quality, strong, and highly durable
  • Cotton- strong and keeps its shape
  • Silk- luxurious and deluxe feel
  • Animal hair- camel, horse, and goat

Vibrant Colors:

Sharp, bold and striking colors are used to make the kilims and these natural dyes are long-lasting as well. They give a vibrant and adorable look to the kilims and make them perfect to enhance the overall appearance of any area.

Kilim rugs are versatile to use, best to beautify any space, and durable enough to place in high traffic areas. These are cheap than other handmade rugs and can be placed in the kitchen, hallway, entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms.

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