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How to Place, Hang and Store a Heriz Rug?

How to Place, Hang and Store a Heriz Rug?

How to Place, Hang and Store a Heriz Rug?

Are you have rugs and carpets in your home and worried about proper placement, storage, and hanging of these rugs? Don't be a worry, remember that with the appropriate care and placement of your carpet, you can easily enhance its life and give your home a gorgeous appeal. Heriz rugs are the most popular and stylish category of antique rugs which can efficiently use in modern home décor because of their beautiful look and patterns.

How to Make Your Antique Heriz Rug Last Long:

Buying of the rugs is not the only step you should do. After getting a perfect rug for your home, you should place it correctly and care it properly for its long life in excellent condition. Make sure to purchase a carpet in high quality and after this treat it in the best way that it deserves.

Placement of Rug:

To avoid the damaging effects of daily usage of the rug, the first thing to do is proper placement. Tips for placing your rug efficiently, are:

Use Rug Pad:

The floor on which you are placing your area rug must be smooth and even to avoid breakage and abrasion. It is recommended to use a rug pad under the rug if you are putting the rug directly on the floor instead of on the carpet. A rug pad is not only right for increasing the life of rug, but also helps to prevent slips and bunching. It also provides additional softness and cushioning underfoot.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Another thing to consider while placing your rug is sunlight. Never put your carpet under direct sunlight, because it will fade the rug and discoloration may occur.

Change the Position Regularly:

If you are placing a modern rug in a high traffic area, it's essential to keep changing its position regularly. It will avoid wear and tear on only one surface or place of the rug.

Keep Away from Moist Areas:

Make sure that the floor must remain dry under your rug. Never place houseplants near or on the Heriz rugs as the chances of mildew are raised. Moreover, dampness can cause the fabric to rot.

Keep cleaning the rug on a daily basis and when required go for the professional cleaning. The clean look of your carpet will give the best effects on your interior.

Whenever you are going to buy an antique or modern rug for your home, never compromise on quality. You can find the top quality and extensive variety of rug online, visit ALLRUGO and find the perfect Heriz rug for your home.