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How to Make Your Floors Stylish by Decorating with Gabbeh Rugs

How to Make Your Floors Stylish by Decorating with Gabbeh Rugs

How to Make Your Floors Stylish by Decorating with Gabbeh Rugs

Do you want to make your home gorgeous and give your floor a stylish makeover? You can easily get what you want by adding a beautiful and fantastic Gabbeh rug in your interior décor. The Persian Gabbeh rugs are known because of their stylish designs, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. By putting a carpet in your home, you can give an excellent appeal to the house and leave warmth and welcoming impression to your guests.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Room with Rugs:

Some innovative ways and practical tips to help you in decorating your home with rugs efficiently are describing here:

  • Make It Center Stage:

A rug is known as an accessory, but with the wise decision, you can make it the foundation of a gorgeous space. Some home designers call rugs the soul of a room. They recommended to choose the carpet first while decorating your place, and the color scheme, accessories, furniture placement and all other things connect back to it.

  • It should be Family Friendly:

The number one rule to keep in mind while selecting a rug is your lifestyle. Whether the carpet have to face a lot of foot traffic or not, or your home has kids or pets or not. These points must keep in consideration while purchasing a rug. For kids and pets home, Gabbeh carpets are best because these wool rugs can clean quickly and less go with wear and tear.

  • Perfect Sizing:

While placing a rug in your living space, the ideal sizing is very essential. Always keep in consideration the area and space where you are going to put a carpet and then choose the size of the rug accordingly.

  • Make Floor Border:

To give your room a spacious look, when placing an area rug never cover the floor thoroughly. You should leave some of the flooring showing around the rug; it's about 9 to 12 inches from all sides of the carpet. In this way, it will make a floor border around the rug and give your room more gorgeous and attractive appearance.

  • Use Rug Pads:

Another must do the thing is placing a rug pad underneath the rug. It will keep the carpet in place and give more comfort and coziness when you walk or sit on it. When you are sizing the rug pad, measure it 2 inches smaller than the rug, in this way it does not peek out.

These practical tips will help you to create a stylish and gorgeous interior décor. You can find out more about Gabbeh rugs and the best collection of the rug at ALLRUGO.