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How to Maintain the Appearance and Look of Your Maliki Kilim

How to Maintain the Appearance and Look of Your Maliki Kilim

How to Maintain the Appearance and Look of Your Maliki Kilim

Maliki kilims refer to flat woven tapestry-like rugs which are made by the hands of tribal and nomadic people excellently. Kilims are very popular among the people because of their flat surface, and these are suited to the harsh conditions of the environment. These rugs are versatile, have vibrant colors and easy to maintain, that's why most of the homeowners prefer kilim rugs.

Features of Maliki Kilim Rugs:

Maliki kilim rugs are beautiful, stunning, colorful and most of all these are reasonably priced. You can place them on floors of the living room, bedroom, hallways and easy to hang on walls to make great decorative features. How you hang or put the kilim rugs depends on their weight, size, design, and value. The versatility of kilims makes them preferable choice for most of the home decorators. You can use them at any place and even as a throw pillow.

Cleaning Tips of Modern Kilims:

Modern kilims are fantastic to go with all the contemporary interior décor. But placing a kilim rug in your space is not the only thing to consider, you should keep them clean and tidy to maintain the perfect look for these rugs. It's significant to know that you can't clean a kilim like other rugs. Some useful tips to help you in keeping clean your Maliki kilim are describing here:

How Often Should You Clean the Kilim?

The requirement of cleaning process depends upon where the rug is placed and how much foot traffic it faces in that area.

Kilim in Light Traffic Area:

If the kilim does not go through much traffic, then you don't need to do heavy duty cleaning often. But still, it needs to collect dust and dirt, and regular vacuuming is required.

How to Vacuum:

While vacuuming these Antique kilims, make sure that the vacuum is on low suction setting because these are very delicate, and run the vacuum lightly over the rug. Make sure that it will not damage the fibers and knots of the kilim.

Another thing to consider is that vacuum from both sides of the rug, to ensure the cleanliness because dust mostly settles at the bottom. So, after vacuuming the top surface, turn the rug over and start vacuuming from the underside.

Carefully vacuum the fringes, as the fringe of a kilim rug is so delicate and it can be damaged if you handle roughly. Another way to clean the fringes effectively is brushing. Run a soft brush along the length of the fringe, and it will clean the rug without causing any damage.

Kilim in Heavy Traffic Area:

If your Maliki kilim is placed in the massive traffic area, it needs more vacuuming and careful cleaning. This is because it will get dirty and dusty more.

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