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How to Layer Mashwani Rugs like a Champ?

How to Layer Mashwani Rugs like a Champ?

How to Layer Mashwani Rugs like a Champ?

Rugs are very much popular among the home decorators and designers because these are the best elements in interior decoration to give a gorgeous look to even a dull looking room. But most of the people hesitate to try layering the rugs, and place only one carpet or rug at a place. In fact, layering of rug gives a nice and pleasant appeal, and you can get the solution for many design dilemmas by adding a second layer.

If you have a Mashwani rug, it is the excellent piece of art for home décor. These Afghan handmade rugs are fantastic for every interior decoration, and by placing it in a right way, you can easily give a gorgeous look to your living space.

There are four practical ways to help you layering your rug like a champ:

Define the Space:

If you have a large living room with a large carpet all around the room, it will give a dull look. To provide the pleasant appeal to the eyes of your viewers, try to put another layer of rugs. Place a stylish and colorful rug to define the seating area. You can also add a small rug to the coffee table over the old long carpet. In this way, your living room will give lively and beautiful appeal, and it defines the places as well.

Apply Some Contrasting Effects:

If you feel that the look of your room is dull and you need to have some lively and strike appeal, place another rug on the old carpet of your room in a contrasting color. It will give style and ambiance to the room and enhance the overall look of the place.

Add Texture:

When you place two rugs as a layer in a room, try to add rugs in different textures. It will transform the space into an elegant and stunning space of your dreams.

Highlight Your Mashwani Rug:

Over a large, neutral rug, place your vibrant and splendid Mashwani rug. It will make a frame of our unique rug and give more appealing effects. In this way, you can also cover the larger area without spending too much money on an Afghan handmade rug.

Give Hallway a Modern Style:

When you need to fill your long hallway, instead of using the conventional style of placing a single long runner go for some trendy style. Place two small or midsized rugs, at a slight, jaunty angle. But make sure to overlap the edges to give a unified look. It will provide elegant, striking and welcoming effects.

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