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How to Keep the Rug and Carpet in the Best Look?

How to Keep the Rug and Carpet in the Best Look?

How to Keep the Rug and Carpet in the Best Look?

How to keep the rug look best for a longer period of time? Do you know that with the good take care and cleaning of a rug or carpet, you can keep its original look for many years? There are various steps you can take to keep the rug clean, like regular vacuuming, taking to the professional cleaning company and rotating the rug regularly to even out wear and tear. But the most significant step to take is not let your rug get dirty.

Essential Steps:

The most simple and essential steps to keeping clean the floor coverings are:

  • Never step on the rugs with the dirty, outside shoes.
  • Keep the outside shoes at the entrance of the home to make sure the cleanliness of the inside area.
  • Wear socks, carpet slippers or walk barefoot on the carpets and rugs, it will reduce the chances of fiber damage.

The cleaning of the rug is not a difficult task if you regularly do it. Vacuum the rug daily or after one day to remove any dust and dirt from the carpet. Take the rug outside at least once in a month and hit it to remove all the dust particles completely. Moreover, professional cleaning of carpet is also essential but you only required it after one year. Some people do not know when it is required to take a rug for professional cleaning.

The way to determine whether the rug or carpet needs professional cleaning or not are given below:

  • Lift the corner of the rug and hold it, then hit it forcefully with hand or foot. If dirt or dust comes out, then it's the time to take it to a professional cleaning company.
  • Fold the rug back in a way that piles facing up. Give a closer look at the lines between the knots, if there is dirt deep in the pile, and then get assistance from the professional cleaner. This is because the vacuuming can't remove the deep dirt particles.
  • Move the hand back and forth to the rug and if the hands get dirty, then it needs professional cleaning.

Professional cleaning companies have the techniques and technology to clean the rugs and carpets without making any damage to the fibers. It is essential to find the reliable and expert cleaning professionals who treat the rug with proper care.