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How to Check Quality of Rug while Buying?

How to Check Quality of Rug while Buying?

How to Check Quality of Rug while Buying?

One of the major reasons for the hesitation of many people for buying an oriental rug is that they can't judge the quality of it. That's why; they are not sure that the product which they are buying is being ripped off or is worth. A top quality and authentic Oriental rug are expensive in price, but it will last for many years with you in a good condition. So, it is always good to spend money on buying an authentic handmade rug and enhance the overall look of your room.

But the question is how to determine the quality of rug while buying? Here are some effective tips are given to help you analyze the rug and determine the quality and authenticity.

Quality of Wool:

The quality of wool in an Oriental rug plays a great role in the overall quality of the rug. The way to check the quality of wool is by determining the breed of sheep from which the wool is collected. A high-quality wool rug is strengthened and durable and it is best to buy, as it is long-lasting. The Kurk wool is known as the best wool for a rug, and it is collected from the lambs of 9 to 14 months old. It gives a velvet-like feel and exceptionally durable.

To find out the quality of wool, take the fibers and massage them between the fingers. If it feels soft and pliable, it means that it is made of good wool. Brittle and harsh feel shows that the wool is of poor quality.

Determine the Pile of Rug:

Another thing to determine is the pile of the rug. Wiggle your fingers to the bottom of the pile, if it gives resistance, it indicates that the pile is tight and dense. This type of rug has more resistance to wear and tear and is excellent to buy.

Color and Design of Rug:

While buying a rug for your room, make sure to choose the best color and design according to your choice and the theme of the room. Moreover, ensure that the color is fast and true. The way to check the quality of color is that give a closer look to the place where the different colors meet and check out is there any bleeding of colors. Excellent quality colors must be consistent all the way down to the knot and the color should not come out if you rub is with a damp white cloth.

Follow these tips and pick the best quality rug that not only improves the look of your living space but also stay with you for more years.