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Helpful Cleaning Tips to Keep Long Life of Khoja Roshnai

Helpful Cleaning Tips to Keep Long Life of Khoja Roshnai

Helpful Cleaning Tips to Keep Long Life of Khoja Roshnai

One of the most significant and essential item for the gorgeous home décor are rugs. All the designers and home decorators give more attention to the floor covering to enhance the appearance of a room. So, when you are going to decorate your home, or rearranging the items, must give careful consideration to your floor covering with outstanding Khoja Roshnai.

The antique Persian tribal rugs are very much famous and demanded by the beauty lovers and designers of homes and workplaces. These are the antique collection and can go with all kinds of interior decoration. The antique collectors have the selection of Khoja Roshnai and love to adjust these stylish rugs in their home.

Placing a fantastic rug in your room is not the only thing to consider, after selecting a perfect carpet and putting it on the space, you need to keep it clean for the healthy and long life of your rug. Remember that if you properly care your carpet, the antique Persian tribal rugs are good enough to stay with you throughout your life and even to the next generations.

Some helpful tips to assist you in adequately cleaning of your Khoja Roshnai are describing here; follow these useful tips to elongate the life of your rug:

There are two types of cleaning you should know about them:

Routine Cleaning:

Routine cleaning is on the daily or weekly basis with vacuum, according to the usage of the rug. While vacuuming your carpet, three points must be considered:

  1. Don't use high suction settings of vacuum
  2. Always do vacuuming on both sides of the rug
  3. Never vacuum the fringe, as with the repeat application the fringe may be torn off

Long-Term Cleaning:

The other form of cleaning is long-term cleaning, or it is also called professional cleaning. Professional cleaners of rugs and carpets are the persons who have extensive knowledge about the rug cleaning, and it will give a new look to your rug.

Always go to the specialist cleaner who do not use harmful chemicals for rug cleaning because it may damage the rug. The professional cleaning is required after two to three years when your carpet gets dirty or dull.

Give Immediate Response to the Stains:

For the prevention of stains and to keep the shiny appearance of your rug, the immediate response is required in case of the accidental spill. If some liquid spill on the rug, immediately soak it as much as possible with the help of absorbent paper towels, sponge or hand towels. Also, blot the place or floor on which your rug is laid. After this, pass out some clean water on the stained area to clean the remaining stain.

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