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Give a Luxury Touch to Your Home with Persian Rugs

Give a Luxury Touch to Your Home with Persian Rugs

Give a Luxury Touch to Your Home with Persian Rugs

Persian rugs and Persian carpets represent the ancient Persian culture and art truly. All through the world, these exquisite handmade rugs are in high demand and liked by the people who love to decorate their home. Each Persian carpet and rug is unique and highly attractive, and a symbol of creativity. It makes these rugs so popular and demanding to give a luxurious look to a room.

If you want to add a luxury and stylish touch to your home or your workplace, Persian rugs will be the right choice for you. The genuine Persian rugs are made in Iran, and these rugs are much expensive, but you can get the imitation of the same rugs from Pakistan, Turkey, India, and China.

Tips to Consider while Choosing a Persian Rug:

When you are going to buy a Persian rug, you should know about the quality of the carpet and consider the color, design, and size while selecting a rug for your room. The Persian rugs are hand weaved, and these handmade home decoration rugs have the capability to make your room stylish and charming.

Moreover, these rugs are made of Kurk wool, or natural silk and the colors used in these rugs and carpets are naturally extracted, from vegetables or plants.

  • Unique Style and Design:

Every Persian rug is uniquely weaved, and no two pieces of rugs are the same. They have different colors, designs, and patterns, and the weavers use their creativity and imagination skills to weave the carpets and rugs.

  • Look at the Quality of Rug:

Never compromise on the quality; always go for the best quality authentic handmade Persian rug which is made of silk and high-quality wool.

  • Check the Number of Knots:

The quality of a Persian rug is indicated by the KPSI or the knots per square; greater the KPSI, the better will be the quality of the rug. It is said that a product with 250+ KPSI is superior quality and the product with below 150 KPSI is the poor quality product.

  • Get an Authentication Certificate:

After buying a Persian carpet, make sure to get an authentication certificate. This certificate ensures the quality of the product, moreover, it will be helpful when you want to sell the rug in future.

These are some vital tips to consider for a right choice of a Persian rug. Always get the best product from a reliable and authentic source for the best quality. You can find the world's best quality Persian rugs at ALLRUGO