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Get to Know Some Versatile Ways to Decorate the Fireplace

Get to Know Some Versatile Ways to Decorate the Fireplace

Get to Know Some Versatile Ways to Decorate the Fireplace

From the living room to the bedroom, the most significant feature which is a focal point is a fireplace. When you enter a room, the fireplace will stand out and attracts the attention. While decorating your fireplace, make sure to bring beauty to the eyes instead of something outdated or bad looking. If you have a fireplace in your home, and it is a little out-of-date, then it's time to redecorate it, so get ready to do it.

Fireplace Safety:

The most important point to be considered while decorating your fireplace is safety always keep it at the forefront. If your fireplace is functional, you will use it throughout the years, so the safety is the most considerable point. Keep in mind that never use the objects which are flammable for the decoration of mantle and around the fireplace. Moreover, avoid using the plastic decoration accessories near the fireplace.

There are a lot of versatile ways to improve the look of your room by making over the fireplace. To makeover your fireplace in a stylish and budget-friendly way, some ideas are given below.

  • Paint It:

If your fireplace is old and it is looking dull, you can easily enhance the look by painting it. It's an inexpensive and practical way to makeover the look of your fireplace as well as room effectively. Choose the right color according to your room's interior and color scheme.

  • Mantel Décor Ideas:

Décor of the mantel is an easy way to bring change to the old look of your fireplace. You can change the mantel décor according to the season or taste. A most popular choice for the decorating of the mantel is candles. Use the beautiful candlesticks and arrange the candles over them in the sets of three. Another unique way to brighten up the room is hanging the mirror above the mantel. It will reflect light from the fire and give a beautiful appeal.

  • Use Attractive Fireplace Screen:

Fireplace screens are used for the functional as well as decorative purpose. Most of the homeowners opt for the simple black screen to keep the ash. But you can spice up the look by picking an ornamental and stylish screen. You can think about the bronze or gold fireplace screen as these are a hot trend in these days.

  • Decorate Area Around the Fireplace:

A fireplace is a focal point in any room, so focus on decorating the area around it to give a stunning appeal. The décor around the fireplace should be eye-catching and match with the fireplace and other room accessories.

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