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Famous Bokhara Rugs from Pakistan and Central Asia

Famous Bokhara Rugs from Pakistan and Central Asia

Famous Bokhara Rugs from Pakistan and Central Asia

Bokhara city is situated in Central Asia and the carpets produced by a popular tribe in Bokhara are known as Bokhara rugs. Though the most lavish and standard Bokhara rugs come from Pakistan. Other than Pakistan, these types of rugs are also crafted in Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. Pakistani Bokhara rugs and carpets are well known all over the world because of their unique classic patterns and high-quality materials used. They are solely handmade by Pakistani artisans using home-grown wool on a cotton base.

Generally, Bokhara rugs are thick stacked and therefore very soft and long-lasting. Yet, they are also available in other quality grades depending on the fiber used in their manufacture. Such rugs are found in a variation of colors and shades. Top quality Bokhara rugs contain 240+ knots per square inch with a customary design pattern prepared from vegetable or synthetic dye.

Bokhara rugs from Central Asian countries are mostly available in red, maroon, and rust colors and tones. They are created on double knot pattern with a more complex design as compared to Pakistani Bokhara rugs. Central Asian rugs are renowned for their refinement and durability. Other than these, Afghani and Baluchi Bokhara carpets are also recognized in all parts of the world. Afghani Bokharas are prepared by using the double knot also called Senneh knot tied very firmly. These rugs are offered in cotton, silk, and wool materials.

Bokhara rugs are present in stylish colors such as gold, red, rose, beige, and dark blue. Pakistani Bokhara rugs have been created under influence by Turkmen and Persian craftsmen. Muslim artisans of this area also design their own pattern. They are commonly originated on a repetitive gul or elephant motif. People prefer 100% wool rugs and carpets and there is no better choice in this group than a Bokhara rug from Pakistan.

Bokhara rugs are fit for any type and style of interior décor and can be utilized in bedrooms and hallways. Most of these pieces consist of geometrical patterns recurring every few inches. Carpets called as "Jaldar" make use of silk inlay. If the silk used in their making is synthetic, the finished product will not be of good quality.

Top quality wool also gives a look and feel of silk and hence best Bokhara rugs are made 100% of wool. Other than red and rust shades, these rugs can be found in ivory, navy, and peach colors also. High-quality rugs are produced from New Zealand wool. The design patterns can be gul or medallions which have become a trademark feature of these ancient Bokhara rugs.