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Facts about Muslim Prayer Rugs and the Significance of Using Them

Facts about Muslim Prayer Rugs and the Significance of Using Them

Facts about Muslim Prayer Rugs and the Significance of Using Them

No Muslim can deny the importance and significance of prayer rugs in their lives. These individually sized prayer mats used by most of the Muslims in their daily life, while they are praying. Islamic prayer carpets are used for the cleanliness purpose, and these are available in a lot of sizes, varieties, and colors. You can find prayer rugs from simple, factory-made versions to the intricate and complex designed woven mats.

Prayer is the most crucial part of a Muslim's life, that's why prayer carpets have a significant role in every Muslim home.

Uses and Features of Prayer Rugs:

Prayer rugs are the most necessary part of a Muslim home; these are used for various reasons and purposes.

  • Cleanliness and Purity:

Use of prayer rug is not an absolute requirement for offering "Salat" or prayer, but every Muslim use a prayer mat to ensure purity. By offering prayer on a Muslim prayer carpet, the believer fulfills the cleanliness requirement.

  • Traditional Shape:

Muslim prayer rugs are traditionally woven and made in rectangular shape and design. These are typically made asymmetrical to ensure the size of the worshipper on it.

  • Islamic Symbols and Architecture:

Islamic prayer carpets are designed in a way to depict the purpose of the mat efficiently. Islamic symbols and architectures are created on the mat. Most popular symbols and designs of prayer rugs are, floral, geometric, Islamic landmark, for instance, Ka'aba in Mecca, etc. The designs and symbols of the prayer carpet give the feeling of absolute top and bottom, it tells the place where the worshipper stand and where to place forehead.

  • Colors of the Carpet:

The Islamic prayer carpets are mostly created in bold and solid colors, such as dark red, brown, deep blue, dark green and others.

Handmade Muslim Prayer Rugs:

Machine-made and factory-made prayer rugs are available all over the world, in a substantial quality. But handmade prayer carpets are very much popular because of their top quality, deep colors, soft and smooth surface and fantastic patterns. Muslims use these rugs for offering their prayer at a smooth surface, and the tourist also collect them while they travel around the world.

Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan are the significant origins of handmade excellent quality Islamic prayer carpets. If you are looking for the most incredible and best quality prayer rug for you or giving as a gift to your loved ones, check out our extensive variety of prayer rugs by visiting ALLRUGO.