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Facts about Laghari Kilims to Use Them in All Types of Home Décor

Facts about Laghari Kilims to Use Them in All Types of Home Décor

Facts about Laghari Kilims to Use Them in All Types of Home Décor

In today's world of interior decoration, kilim rugs are the most important and hot commodity. Kilims are fun to place in a home for an entirely new look at any space. Laghari kilims have a rich history and you will be surprised on the use and effectiveness of these kilims. These are flat weaved patterns which are made by the interweaving of different colors of warps and wefts. A large and incredible variety of patterns and brilliant colors is available in the kilim rugs.

No doubt, kilim rugs are used for all types of décor, whether you want a modern, shabby chic country or minimal style. Kilim style rugs are trendy among the home decorators because of many reason and facts about these rugs.


The first and most significant aspect of kilim rugs is that these are very versatile. Varying designs, colors and other features make them easily adaptable to any space in home décor and for a wide range of purposes. You can use them not only as rugs to cover a floor but also as wall hangings, tablecloths, cushion covers, bedspreads, and throws.

Easy to Clean:

Another significant reason for the popularity and excellent choice of kilims is that these are incredibly easy to clean because of their flat-weaved nature. For the heavy traffic areas, kilim rugs are best to use, because these only need a gentle hand wash to clean thoroughly.


Another significant advantage of using kilim rugs is that these are reversible. This is a fantastic feature of the kilims which make them favorites of the busy homeowners. As the color of rugs fades with time because of heavy usage, you can turn a kilim rover and get a new look.

Uses of Kilims:

To make space stand out, kilim rugs are ideal pieces. The pattern and bold pressure of these rugs serve to add style and delicate interest without getting dominant.

  • You can use kilims on all the flooring like tiles, on other rugs, marble or hardwood floors.
  • They easily resist dirt and stains that's why good to use in hallways and living rooms.
  • These are good to use at any place of home because they can work correctly with other colors.
  • Wall hanging kilims give a striking appearance to any room.

So, add a Kilim in your home and experience an entirely new look and good appearance of your home. For the top quality Laghari Kilim visit ALLRUGO.