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Essential Steps in Finding and Keeping a Baluchi Rug Perfectly

Essential Steps in Finding and Keeping a Baluchi Rug Perfectly

Essential Steps in Finding and Keeping a Baluchi Rug Perfectly

The decoration of a home is a beautiful, fun and attractive way to beautify your living place. When you are decorating with a floor rug, it is an art and fun as well. Rugs are versatile to use, and these are available in wide variety of designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. The Afghan handmade rugs have an enormous popularity because of their stunning designs, stylish appearance, and durability. Among them, Baluchi rugs are the perfect to pull a room together and complement the interior décor of your home.

Helpful Tips on Choosing a Seamless Baluchi Rug:

Choosing a tribal handmade Baluchi rug is a matter of taste, and you give more consideration to your choice. But some particular guidelines are there to help you in finding the perfect one to give your room an appealing feel.

Things to Consider:

The most significant factors to consider while purchasing a rug for your home, are:

  • Size of the rug
  • Color of Baluchi carpet
  • Quality of the rug
  • Patterns and design of your carpet

What You Want to Accomplish:

While selecting a rug for your home, it is also essential to understand what you want to accomplish from the rug. Here are these points which you should keep in mind:

  • How much foot traffic the rug will see?
  • Do you want to define the separate areas in a room?
  • Are you looking to give a whole feeling by pulling together all the decorative elements?
  • Whether the direct sunlight exposure on the carpet or not?
  • The home has small kids or pets or not?

Placement of Rug:

After choosing an appropriate rug, according to your space and choice, it's essential to place it effectively.

  • In the high traffic areas and on the stairways, it's recommended to use a rug pad under your Baluchi rug. It will not only reduce the chances of slip, and enhance the life of the carpet, but also effective to add comfort to your feet.
  • Never put a rug under direct sunlight, it will fade the color of the carpet.
  • Keep your rug away from the house plants and other kinds of moist. If the rug gets some damp, it will be the favorite place for the moths.
  • Frequent cleaning and airing are essential tips to keep your rug away from dirt and moth as well.



Caring Tip of Rugs:

Putting a geometric design rug in your home is an excellent way to enhance the look. But to keep it stunning, you should take good care of your carpet. Go for regular cleaning with brush or vacuum, and if needed get help from professional cleaners to keep your rug dirt and dust free.

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