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Can I use a prayer rug as a decoration?

Can I use a prayer rug as a decoration?

Can I use a prayer rug as a decoration?

Muslim prayer rugs are the primary types of rugs which are used by the Muslim while they pray. These types of rugs produced in central and western Asia and these prayer mats have prayer niche or an arch-shaped design called mihrab at one end of the carpet. This mihrab on the rug drives from the prayer niche of the mosque, and it needs to be pointed toward Mecca while praying.

The Islamic prayer carpets are used by the Muslims while they pray to Allah for the purifying feel. Muslim prayer rugs are widely used all over the world, and it's a must thing in the Muslim Homes. The skilled and trained weavers create these carpets in various Islamic patterns and designs. These carpets depict the purifying feeling and give a touch of neatness when a person pray and do Sajood in front of God.

Many people have a question that can I use a prayer rug as decoration? These rugs are actually created in different colors, especially in blue, green, dark red, and brown. With the incredible patterns and designs of Islamic buildings and mosques over them, some rugs look very beautiful. That's why sometimes people want to decorate them on the walls to give a religious feel.

How to Use Prayer Rug as Decoration:

Some persons think that it's not a right way to use prayer rugs as decoration. They claim that these are only for praying, not for decoration. But, technically it's not a big deal, you can do anything unless it is against the laws or shows disrespect. Prayer rugs can be hanged on the walls in a living room, prayer room, or hallway. The Islamic prayer carpet must be put in a way that the mihrab or prayer niche should point upwards.

It should not be placed in a dirty place or not decorate the floors of the living room or hallway with this type of rug. If you want to give an Islamic décor theme to your room, put a beautiful and charming prayer rug on the wall. Always place a large size prayer rug on the wall, or you can also add two small sized rugs on a wall to make a symmetrical design. Moreover, make sure to do a décor of your room according to the prayer rug you placed on the walls, for getting the best and gorgeous look.

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