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Buy Best Quality Modern Area Rugs for Your Living Room

Buy Best Quality Modern Area Rugs for Your Living Room

Buy Best Quality Modern Area Rugs for Your Living Room

A warm and vibrant color area rug can transform your living room into a pleasant and attractive one. A contemporary rug helps change the overall mood of your living space. If you love decorating your home, a designer area rug is an essential piece for your bedroom or living room. A floral designed area rug or carpet can enhance your lounge from casual to chic space, you and your guests are going to love it.

A variety of contemporary wool rugs is available in the market. Modern rugs come in huge range of designs and styles you can choose from. Area rugs are timeless with vibrant colors and attractive motifs. It's not easy to differentiate between good or low-quality rug as there are huge amounts of carpets in the market. You should look for three things while buying a modern rug:


Quality of wool used is most important factor. A Persian rug made from high-grade wool or silk will be the best to buy.


The technique is another thing you should look for. Make sure that the rug you buy is handcrafted instead of machine made. Machine made rug might be beautiful and functional, but it's far less valuable than a hand-woven piece. An instant way to tell if the rug is produced by the machine is if the fringe is sewn to the rug.

Knot and Pile length

Two more things to search are length pile length and knot per inch. Lower quality rugs have longer piles and fewer knots as compared to best handspun rugs.

Modern contemporary rigs are classified into several types depending on the effect they have on people's mood and surroundings. You can buy that suits your mood and space.

Loud rugs

As the name depicts, these rugs are designed with bold motif and bright colors. These are uniquely weaved to increase the spacing effect and provide accent to your bedroom or lounge.

Calming area rugs

Calming rugs produce opposite effect to the loud rugs. These type of rugs come in pastel shades and soothing colors to create a peaceful ambiance in the room.

Neutral Rugs

If you want to have a neutral effect in your room, this is the best choice. They take the color out of the equation and do not clash with other items placed in the room.

Feature rugs

These rugs are a beautiful combination of rich colors and pattern. They act as centerpieces for any place taking everyone's attention. So, you must not place other focal pieces with them.

Al these useful points discussed above will put you on the right path to select a quality standard rug for your home. Visit allrugo.com for more stunning and lovely handmade rugs.