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Add Style to Your Interior Décor by Hanging War Rugs

Add Style to Your Interior Décor by Hanging War Rugs

Add Style to Your Interior Décor by Hanging War Rugs

Decorative rugs are the most prominent and incredible addition to any room. Rugs are versatile to use; these are not only to place them on the floor of a room. Instead of it, you can hang a mat on the wall and give a stylish and gorgeous look to your room décor. By attaching a fantastic rug on the wall, you can provide a centerpiece and personality to any room.

If you want to hang a rug on the walls of your room, war rugs are the best choice for you. These rugs have been created from decades ago and depict the history and culture of the ancient nations. They tell the stories of wars, kings, and queens and perfect to beautify a room efficiently.

Ways to Hang War Rugs on Wall:

Three efficient ways to hang a rug on the wall of a room are describing below:

  1. Hang a Rug with Casing:

While hanging a rug with casing, placement of carpet is very important to consider. Figure out the rug orientation on the wall; which direction of the rug will be on top and which will be on the bottom. A casing is a long, banded fabric strip which will secure the rod when the carpet is attached. Use a sturdy fabric for the mounting strip, like linen, heavy cotton, or cotton twill.

This method of hanging a rug is very efficient because the whole weight will be distributed evenly and risk of damage and wear and tear will be less. Measure the width, height, and weight of the rug efficiently and then mount the rug properly. After attaching the carpet with the rod, you can easily place it on the wall and give a stunning look to the room.

  1. Hang with Hooks:

Another way to hang an Afghan war rug is to hang it with the hooks. While placing a rug with hooks, must determine the orientation of the rug and make sure that the top edge of the rug is the upside. Another thing to keep in consideration is that the hooks must be made with the durable fabrics. While attaching carpet with the hooks, make sure that the hooks are the string to keep the weight of the war rug, and take the measurements efficiently.

  1. Hang a War Rug with Tack Strips:

The third way to hang a rug on the wall is with tack strip. Make sure that the tack strips are cut to the lengths of each side of the rug. Never do it in a hurry, use a measuring tape to determine the size and then cut the tack strip appropriately. After measuring and cutting the tack strip, lift the rug and press it firmly against the strip. Use the nails to secure all corners of the rug efficiently.

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