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A Brief History of Persian Bokhara Rugs

A Brief History of Persian Bokhara Rugs

A Brief History of Persian Bokhara Rugs

Persian rugs are very well famous all over the world, because of their intricate patterns, vibrant colors, excellent quality and a wide variety of sizes and styles. Among them, Bokhara rugs have their own identity and popularity; these are perfect to use in a modern as well as classic interior décor. Nowadays, Persian rugs are used in all types of décor and almost every room in a home.

Origin of Persian Rugs:

Persian rugs are the oriental rugs which are hand knotted only in Iran, which is formerly called Persia. These rugs have been made by the people of Persia from last many decades with the skillful hands of Persian people in a specialized technique. Moreover, hand-knotted rugs are also made in Asia, India, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

The Afghan handmade rugs and Persian rugs are made for utilitarian as well as illustrative purpose. Different tribes use the various techniques for the production of rugs, and the name of rug depicts the tribe and technique name. Iran is the world's largest producer of handmade carpets and these excellent quality rugs exported all over the world.

History of Carpets:

The history of Persian carpets dated back to 2500 years ago. The Persian people were the pioneer carpet weavers of the ancient civilization, with their experience, skills, and talent, they had achieved a superlative degree of perfection in making the handmade rugs. The skills and techniques of carpet weaving handed down by fathers to the sons and degeneration to generation, and they keep updating the skills and techniques.

Material Used in Handmade Rugs:

Natural material, like cotton, silk, and wool are used for the production of Bokhara rugs. By warp and weft of these natural materials, the high-quality rugs are made. For the dye of these rugs, the weavers also use natural dyes which have lasting effects.

Difference between Persian and Oriental Rugs:

Persian rugs are oriental rugs, but all oriental rugs are not Persian. The rugs which are made in Iran with a specialized technique are Persian rugs. These hand-knotted Persian rugs were once named after the city where they were made, like Bokhara rugs.

These high-quality handmade rugs are perfect to use in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and dining rooms. They are not only used for the functional purpose but also give decorative impact when placed in a living space. They are excellent to provide a stylish, gorgeous and fantastic appeal to a room. These handmade rugs are expensive, but they last for a long time and even move from generation to generation.

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