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A Brief History of Handmade Rugs

A Brief History of Handmade Rugs

A Brief History of Handmade Rugs

In today's fashion trend, rugs and carpets are the fundamental parts of any room décor. The art of rug and carpet making influences from the pre-history. The first rugs made for the purpose to cover the animals and as a blanket. Then there were start using as floor coverings. Most of the pieces available in today's world, at dealers, departmental stores, antique shops and even museums are typically the products of a 19th and 20th century.

Turkey and Persia Carpet Weaving:

In the 16th century, carpet weaving was at the height in the mountainous regions of East, Turkey through Persia. In these regions, the hair of the goat and camel and the fleece of sheep grow fine and long. The skilled weavers used them for rugs and carpet weaving. At that time, the artisans worked on handloom for carpet weaving, it consisted of two horizontal beams on which the warp was stretched. The finished carpet was rolled on the lower one, on the other hand, the warp unrolled from the upper one.

The rugs were probably weaved using twisted strands laid side-by-side and mix together with similar cross running strands. The today's handmade rugs are woven in the same way like the ancient rug weaving technique. The Oriental rugs made by the combination of weaving and knotting. A foundation fabric mostly cotton is used to tie the rows of silk or wool knots to create a high-quality rug.

Some Facts about History of Rugs:

  • The earliest knotted rugs discovered are the Pazyryk carpets. In 1949, this rug was discovered by Soviet archaeologist S.I. Rudenko. In a burial chamber, it was covered by ice and preserved for over 2500 years. Pazyryk carpet measures 6 by 5 feet and woven with the Turkish knots.
  • In the same area, another carpet was found and it has Senneh knot. This carpet dates to the first century B.C.
  • 2500 B.C, on the rock tombs of Beni Hassan, Egypt men started weaving the rugs and carpets.
  • From 8th century B.C, many people and families started to use carpets and rugs to adorn their home.

From that time the carpets and rugs are used to enhance the look of any space and improve comfort level. Some factors are essential to consider while buying the rugs to bring a style to your living space. These factors are size, color, and pattern of rugs. Different carpets tell about their region of manufacturing and culture and tradition of the tribe.