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A Brief History and Features of Persian Barjasta Rugs

A Brief History and Features of Persian Barjasta Rugs
 A Brief History and Features of Persian Barjasta Rugs

Decorating your home with Barjasta rugs is a wise decision because these rugs have classy and intricate designs, beautiful colors and stylish appeal. Moreover, the Persian Barjasta rugs always increase in value over time, and with proper care, you can keep these rugs in good condition for many years.
Persian Barjasta rugs are considered the best rugs in the world because of their excellent quality and trendy designs. The quality of these carpets and the techniques and skills involved in the creation of these rugs ensure that they can last through several generations.

Hand-knotted Rugs:
The Persian rugs were initially Hand-knotted and created by the nomadic tribes-people. They used to make these rugs for protection from the cold. These rugs add a feeling of coziness and warmth, and as the time evolved, they become highly prized art items.

Display Cultural Expressions:
Originally Taimani Barjasta rugs were created for the functional purposes, but as the time progressed, Weaver started including the shapes and form of cultural expressions. The carpets were used to display the stories and the culture and traditions of the region.
The Persian rugs reflect the stories of the Persian life and culture, that's the reason, you can't find two original rugs are the same. The stories, patterns, and images which were woven into the rug were used to transfer the tribal love from one generation to other.

Skills Passed Down Generation to Generation:
The capabilities of the carpet weaving were passed down from one generation to another. Although the hand-knotted technique is getting reduced, the same skills are transferred to the machines. The skills, techniques, and designs of the Persian rugs made them the highly prized possessions in the world. 

Original and Natural Sources Dyes Used:
The dyes used for the making of the Barjasta rugs are all original, and these are derived from natural sources like plants, insects, roots, and tree-banks. For making a wool rug, the wool was harvested from the sheep. After this, it was washed and dried, then spun into yarn, and then dipped into the dyes. After the dying process of the wool, it was hung to dry and then ready for the weaving process.
In fact, Persian rugs are the most significant and great investment, because they can stay with you for a long time without facing wear and tear, and the value of carpet appreciated always. The Persian Barjasta rugs can be used to decorate any area in your home, and give a stunning appeal to your livings pace.

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