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7 Tips to Place Herati Rugs for Adding Excitement in a Room

7 Tips to Place Herati Rugs for Adding Excitement in a Room

7 Tips to Place Herati Rugs for Adding Excitement in a Room

Do you feel that your room has lack of excitement and beauty? Add a Herati rug in your room and feel the difference, it will give style, ambiance, and character to the room. Herati rugs are antique rugs with attractive patterns, beautiful colors and excellent quality. You can place a mat in any room, at any place, like under the table, in hallways, to define an area and even on the walls.

Rugs not only add style and beauty to a simple room, but they are also good to complete a room by tie various pieces together. A rug is highly effective to anchor a room, add warmth, help layer a room's décor and to define an area.

There are several ways and tips to decorate a room with a Tribal Herati rug; some significant tips are describing here:

  1. Define an Area:

You can use a rug to separate or define an area, for example, seating and dining areas. It is especially for the larger rooms which need separation.

  1. Make Sense of Variety:

With the help of rugs, you can create variety in space. When you use two different sized rugs in a room, it will make sense of variety. Never use same sized rugs in the same room, it will cut the room in two.

  1. Create Harmony:

When you are using more than one rug in an area or room, make sure that all the rugs complement each other in style and color. When you create harmony in your décor, it will give the more appealing feel to the viewer.

  1. Choose the Color Scheme Carefully:

Select a color scheme for your room décor; you can use your favorite Herati rug as a basis of the color scheme for your place. But if you have already set your interior décor, then choose your rug according to the color scheme and theme of décor.

  1. Control the Volume of Room:

You can use a rug to turn up the volume of a room or to quieten a room. If your room décor and wallpaper have the ornate pattern, you should select a rug which is delicate and subtle. On the other hand, if the walls and upholstery are quiet, try a bolder color or busier pattern rug.

  1. Dress Up The Room Walls:

Try the rug to dress up a wall of your room; it will give a charming and stylish look. You can make it the focal point of your room.

  1. Ensure to Choose the Right Size:

Always choose the size of the rug wisely, make sure that it is according to the area you want to place it.

These tips will help you in creating the look of the room as you dreamed. For more information and to find out the best variety of Herati rugs, visit ALLRUGO.