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5 Key Decorating Tips to Give a Glorious Look to Your Living Space

5 Key Decorating Tips to Give a Glorious Look to Your Living Space

5 Key Decorating Tips to Give a Glorious Look to Your Living Space

Decorating a home is the wish of everyone and living in a place which is relaxing, refreshing and beautiful will let you enjoy your life. Most of the people feel it hard to decorate their home according to their imagination, but in fact, it's not a difficult task. If you can dream and imagine it, you can do it as well. You only need to be a little creative and follow your intuition.

There are some principles and tips which ensure you the great result. By following these tips, you can create and design a stylish and charming space for your living.

  1. Place Furniture Properly and Don't Overcrowd the Room:

Furniture is the essential requirement and decorative item for any room. While placing and selecting furniture for your living room or bedroom, resist overcrowding the space. You do not need to fill the whole room with a lot of furniture. Instead of it, go for fewer but quality and stylish furniture. The best and gracious living is that where you can move easily.

  1. Hang Wall Paintings and Artwork at the Right Height:

Wall hangings, panting and artwork are the best items to give your room a glorious and spacious look. To avail the best appearance, hang your paintings and wall hangings carefully at the right height. The perfect height for hanging a painting is 57 inches to 60 inches because it is average human eye level.

  1. Rug Arrangement in Room:

Floor covering is also as significant as other things for the decoration of a room. You need to know how to arrange furniture on the rug. You can arrange furniture on the rug efficiently in different ways. Place all the legs of furniture on the rug if it is large, or if the rug is small, take off all the furniture legs from it. Another way, to arranging furniture on the rug is to put just front legs on the rug and the back legs off.

  1. Make a Focal Point:

Another thing to consider while decorating your room is to make a focal point for eyes. Choose the best element in your room and put it in a way to enhance the visual impact. Your focal points can be a fireplace in bedroom, an art piece in a living room, or dramatic hood in the kitchen. It will catch your eye attention and make it more charming.

  1. Decorate According to Proportion:

Sometimes an element looks perfect in one room, but it's not good for the other one. So, while decorating, keep in mind the proportion and scale. In a large room, too tiny furniture or painting not look good and vice versa.

Follow these effective points and key tips to give your home a stylish and gorgeous look. To get more on home décor, visit ALLRUGO.