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5 Excellent Uses of Runner Rugs

5 Excellent Uses of Runner Rugs

5 Excellent Uses of Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are genuinely fantastic rugs; these are versatile pieces of art. Runners not only look good but also add warmth, style, and comfort to your home. The term runner rug is used to mention a particular type of rug which is narrow and long. These are used primarily to cover the floors in specific places, such as hallway floor, stairways, entryways and other confined areas in a home.

Runners are flexible to use; you can directly place them on a hard wooden floor or tiles floor. These are not only used for the covering of floors, but also add color to your home, give warmth and comfort, and leave the welcoming effect on the guests.

The runners are good to use at narrow places of the home. These are not only enhanced look of a home but also have many practical benefits and uses, such as:

  1. A hallway runner adds warmth, color, and beauty to a simple place and your guests get a welcome feeling.
  2. The handmade stair carpet runners give style to the stairs and provide traction, in this way the chances of slips and falls are reduced.
  3. They are significant to protect all kinds of flooring like tiles, hardwood, laminate flooring, etc.
  4. You can use them to cover the damaged areas of a floor and provide comfort.
  5. A significant advantage of using the wool runner rugs is that these are helpful to lower the energy bills. They trap heat in the winter season and catch cooler air.

Tips to Choose A Perfect Runner:

The choice of a runner is fundamental to enhance the décor and look of your home. Some tips to choose the right runner for your home are describing here:

  • First of all, determine the size of the area you want to place the runner. For a hallway runner, measure the length and width of the place and subtract a minimum of 4 inches from the width. So that, the floor will be exposed at least 2 inches from either side. From the length, subtract almost 2 feet, and leave 1-foot floor from both sides of the runner.
  • After this, consider the design of the runner. A wide variety of patterns is available in runners, choose the right one according to your interest and keep in mind the existing décor of the place.
  • The color of the rug should be according to the theme of the area. If you want to make the runner dominant, then try to select a runner rug in the color which is not dominant in room décor already.

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