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5 Effective Ways Get Rid Of Dead Fleas in Your Kurk Rugs

5 Effective Ways Get Rid Of Dead Fleas in Your Kurk Rugs

5 Effective Ways Get Rid Of Dead Fleas in Your Kurk Rugs

The single most significant step to clean your entire home from the fleas is the sweeping them from the carpet. Fleas are the insects which don't have wings, and they suck the blood from humans and animals like cats, chicken, dogs, rats, etc. not only this, if you are allergic to insects, it will cause painful rashes to you and skin infections. If you have fleas on your carpet or Kurk rugs, it should be your priority to eliminate them for your health and the health of your pet as well.

It's hard to see the fleas on your carpet with the naked eye because they live in dark and moist areas. So, to inspect the presence of insects, look on both sides of your carpeting. To remove the fleas from your handmade home decoration rugs, follow the following practical tips.

  1. Eliminate them with Vacuum Sweeper:

Before these insects suck your blood out, suck them out from the carpet or rug. Use vacuum sweeper for cleaning the carpet, and focus on the corners and seams of your sofas because these are most probably live there.

  1. Wash the Rug:

If you have small individual rugs or carpet in your home, wash them with the hot water with soap. Another right way to terminate the fleas in your carpet is steam carpet cleaning. But if you have to carpet in your whole house, get help from a professional company of carpet cleaning.

  1. Use Boric Acid:

Boric acid is a chemical which is deadly against the insects and kills them efficiently. By using this chemical you can easily clean your carpet from fleas, and it is entirely safe for humans.

  1. Apply Insect Spray:

You can spray the carpet with a special insect killer spray. It will kill the fleas, and it's also the easy way to clean your rug.

  1. Sprinkle Salt on the Carpet:

Sprinkle salt on your carpet, especially in the areas where you suspect fleas. Wait for 24 hours and after this vacuum your rug. 

Strategies to Avoid Fleas on Your Carpet:

  • If you have pets, dogs or cats at your home, it's recommended to inspect your Kurk rug regularly.
  • Moreover, regularly bathe your pets and keep them clean and free from parasites.
  • When you treat your caret to remove fleas, treat your pets also at the same time.

So, if you have a carpet in your home, make sure the cleaning of it and reduce the chances of fleas' growth. To give your home a pleasant interior décor, visit ALLRUGO and find the perfect Kurk rug for you.