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5 Easy to Follow Rug and Carpet Care Tips

5 Easy to Follow Rug and Carpet Care Tips

5 Easy to Follow Rug and Carpet Care Tips

A rug is not only a decorative item, but it also provides comfort, style, ambiance and cozy feel at any place. Carpets and rugs are so popular in today's home décor trends.  Many people think that rugs are expensive items, and they feel hesitate to place them. But in fact, with proper care of these items, you can extend the life of them.

Some easy to follow and effective care tips for the carpets and rugs are given below to help you in keeping your rugs in good condition for many years.

Regular Vacuuming of Rugs:

The first and the most important thing to do with the rugs and carpets is vacuuming. Vacuuming removes the soil and abrasive grit from the rug and not only give a clean and tidy look but also extend the life of the carpet, as the soil particles wear the silk and wool fibers down. So, make sure to vacuum the rugs regularly, and vacuum in the direction of the pile and take care while vacuuming near fringes.

Rotate the Rugs after Sometimes:

When a rug is placed at any space, at some area of rug it receives more foot traffic and sunlight other than the remaining part of the rug. So, it is advised to rotate the rugs regularly, it will ensure that the fading is even and will be unnoticed.

Handle the Spillage Tactfully:

If spillage occurs on the carpet, no need to be panic. Handle the situation carefully and tactfully. Use an absorbent kitchen towel to blot up the spill. Never rub the rug as it may damage the silk or wool fibers. Use clean absorbent towel immediately to absorb the spill and if needed then apply some mild washing powder and remove it with a dry clean towel.

Use Rug Padding:

Rug padding is a great way to reduce the chances of slip accidents and along with this it provides cushioning effect to the rugs. When someone walks on a rug, it will get less pressure against the floor because of rug underlay or padding. In the result, the chances of rug's wear and tear will be less and the life of it will be extended.

Go for Professional Rug Washing:

After one to two years must do professional rug washing to keep it clean completely. Always get help from professional and reliable technicians.

These are some simple but very helpful tips for rugs care and to extend the life of your carpet. Remember that with proper care and maintenance of your rug, you can keep it in good condition for a long period of time.