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3 Ways to Utilize War Rugs Perfectly

3 Ways to Utilize War Rugs Perfectly

3 Ways to Utilize War Rugs Perfectly

Do you think that you can only use the rug for a floor covering? It is not right; traditionally rugs were only used for the floor covering, but now there are various ways to utilize beautiful hand woven rugs. You can use the rugs not only for floor covering, but can also use them as wall hangings, bed coverings, table covering, etc. War rugs are one of the best categories of rugs; these rugs show the history, culture, stories of kings, and wars and much more.

War rugs depicting the picture of history, culture and wars are specially designed for wall hanging, but these can be used for floor covering and bed and table covering as well. The utilization of a rug, decide its lifetime, as the rug which is used for floor covering in a high traffic area, more subjected to wear and tear rather than a wall hanging rug.

Three ways to utilize your hand woven rugs perfectly are describing here:

As a Floor Covering:

The most common and traditional use of a rug is to cover a floor. But to increase the lifetime of a carpet and to give a great look, it is essential to select a suitable rug for the right circumstances.

For instance:

  • For a massive traffic area, the rug with heavier pile is more suitable.
  • Choose the size of rug wisely; the rug should not cover the full floor; instead, the floor should be showing around the rug and make a frame look.
  • The hallways rugs should be in bright and charming colors to form a colorful welcome.
  • You can use the rugs as floor covering in living room, drawing room, bedrooms and hallways.

In Form of Wall Hanging:

Another way to enhance interior of a room with rug is to place it on the walls. The Afghan War rugs are the best for wall hangings; they give a historical, royal and splendor appearance. These rugs are available in beautiful colors and with excellent historical war pictures. While using a rug as wall hanging, make sure that it should be light in weight. Because the heavy rugs are not suitable for wall hanging, the weight might strain the weave.

As Bed and Table Covering:

Rugs can also be used as bed covers and table covers. The smaller and thin rugs are good for this purpose. Moreover, when the rug is used for table covering, do not place heavy ornaments on it and try to move decorations regularly to reduce the risk of permanent indentation.

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