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3 Practical Tips to Clean Smelly Bokhara Rugs

3 Practical Tips to Clean Smelly Bokhara Rugs

3 Practical Tips to Clean Smelly Bokhara Rugs

Owning an Afghan handmade rug in your home gives you various significant advantages. It does not only enhance the look of your home interior but also long lasting, comfortable and resilient. There are so many beautiful styles, patterns and designs of Bokhara rugs are available in the market, you can easily choose the best one according to the requirement of your living space.

Reason for Wool Rugs Smell:

Sometimes these rugs have a strong, offensive smell, and it's not a good thing. The smell of a carpet is the reason for miss handling the rug and not keep it clean effectively. If the carpet is not cleaned correctly, and the spills and moist gone unnoticed, it may lead to bacteria odors. Always make sure that you do not allow the rugs to remain wet, keep it clean and dry all the time.

Now, how to clean a smelly carpet efficiently, is the question. For this purpose there are some practical tips are discussing.

  1. Use the Magic of Mother Nature:

On the sunny days, take your rug outside, and let it absorb the sunshine rays. For the odorous bacteria smells this method is advantageous. Leave your rug out for some time and bring it back before the air begins to chill because it will get damp.

While keeping the carpet under sunshine, keep it face up for only a couple of hours, and then flip it over. It will reduce the risk of the rug to fade. When it is humid, don't bring your carpet outside.

  1. Apply Borax and Baking Soda:

The two effective chemicals for the odor removal are borax and baking soda. They work wonders when used together and give the fresh smell to your rug.

For applying this method, mix borax and baking soda in an equal amount. Vacuum the rug and sprinkle the mixture on it. Make sure that you use fair amount of mixture which covers the carpet entirely. Let the rug set for one or two days, after this, shake out the rug outside. Vacuum the powder up from the carpet.

  1. Use Cat Litter:

Cat litter is an incredibly versatile product. It is very significant to absorb moisture and odors both. Move the carpet at a clean floor and limit the traffic and don't walk on it after applying the cat litter.

For applying the product on Afghan handmade rugs, remove all the dirt by vacuuming it. Sprinkle a significant amount of cat litter over the Bokhara rug and let sit on the rug for one or two days. After this, shake it carefully to remove the cat litter and then vacuum it up thoroughly.

All of these methods are safe to clean the smelly carpet; you can also get assistance from the professionals. So place a Bokhara rug in your home without getting worried about the smell of the rug. Find the best one for you at ALLRUGO.