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3 Incredible Natural Products and Ways to Remove Glue from Your Khoja Roshnai Rug

3 Incredible Natural Products and Ways to Remove Glue from Your Khoja Roshnai Rug

3 Incredible Natural Products and Ways to Remove Glue from Your Khoja Roshnai Rug

Placing a carper at your living place is a good idea to give striking beauty and style to your home. Khoja Roshnai is antique Persian tribal rugs which are very famous because of their vibrant colors, excellent designs, and intricate patterns. Everyone like to have a comfortable and stylish room for relaxing and what can fulfill your need of comfort instead of a top quality rug.

But one thing which makes some homeowners hesitate in placing the expensive rugs in their home is the everyday spills. No doubt, everyday spills happen, but by using proper techniques for carpet care and maintenance, you can keep your rug in pretty good shape for many years. So, what will you do when you spill glue? By following the below techniques and strategies, you can get rid of glue stains without too much hassle.

  1. Scrape with Knife:

The first thing to remember when glue spills on the carpet are to act quickly, as many types of clues are quick dry. Scrape the glue residues off from the carpet or rug with a sharp knife. If the adhesive is hard, you need more time and effort to scrape off it from your Khoja Roshnai rug.

  1. Dab the Glue Stain with Paper Towel:

With a paper towel dab the glue stain. It a simple and effective method to remove glue from your beautiful carpet. But this technique can use only when the glue is wet.

  1. Heat Up Glue with Iron:

You can remove the glue stain by heating up it with iron. For applying this method, cover the glue stain with a thin cloth, and heat up the glue by running the hot iron over the fabric. The glue will turn into the liquid form, and it will absorb into the thin cloth which you used to cover the stain.

Above methods are natural and sufficiently safe to use. But if the glue has dried and you notice after a long time, it is hard to remove it from the rug. At this point, you need professional assistance, or if the carpet is thick enough, you can cut the affected area carefully with scissors.

It is good to use only natural products or methods for removing the glue from your rugs and carpets. If you can't remove the glue by yourself, go for professional assistance instead of using active chemicals. As they can destroy the carpet look.

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